this is the beginning. it’s where my jeep project starts. so let me start at the beginning.

if you’re wondering what this blog title is about, it’s simple.

our 2000 jeep wrangler sport.

because what’s the second best invention next to the toilet?

the jeep wrangler of course!

i’ve got some pictures i will post (hopefully a flickr account in the sidebar soon to come), updates on lifting the jeep and other projects as they come about. and, of course, pictures and posts from wheeling the thing after toiling away long hours in the garage on the thing.

i’m still working through the layout of the blog, so the appearance will change. don’t worry rss-ers, i’ll post an announcement so you don’t have to keep checking back on an actual website to view it!

so long for now. i hope you enjoy what is upcoming in my little world of jeeping!drivin’ down highway 39 in my little new jeep truck…



  1. sarah c. Said:

    oh, hullo jeep!! yay! this is going to be awesome.

    hey, hey! hey my dad always said if you get a jeep, you should also get a puppy to poop on you. yeaaaah.

  2. Megan Said:

    so I don’t know much about jeeps…but I guess this blog will educate me 🙂

    So how are they on gas mileage?? 😉

  3. chris Said:

    Awesome!, Good looking site.
    Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Jeep Guy.

  4. Colton Said:

    You got a Heep! Just kidding, but call me sometime so we can go wheeling. Here is a link to pictures of my truck…


  5. […] nearly forgot to post about my friend Eric’s new blog – It’s the Second Best Invention –  about his Jeep. “Adventures in Frustration to own a jeep is to love a jeep. but to work […]

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