how i got a jeep

i’ve bought a lot of stuff over the internet since it came into being…

breathalizers, clothes, motorcycle parts, cds, books, etc.

but my last e-bay purchase takes the cake.

i bought our wrangler on e-bay.

the question everyone always asks is, “but how does that work?”

it goes like this… you make a bid, you win the auction. you have 48 hours to make a deposit. you then have an amount of time set by the seller to come pick up the vehicle.  if the buyer sees the vehicle and says, “whoa, this ain’t what i signed up for.” then the buyer can reject the sale.

also, e-bay has a buyer protection plan that covers up to $20,000 in repairs.

i won an auction on a friday and left the next morning to pick up our jeep at a dealership in rockford. my brother let us use his car to drive up there and he and sarah had to drive back in his car since millie was the only other “person” that could fit in the jeep. (long story… the jeep came with two tops, hard and soft, and we had to fit the soft top inside the jeep with the hardtop on. it’s harder to do than it sounds.)

that was dec. 30th, 2006.

which is about 7 years longer than i wanted to wait to get a jeep. but it was worth the descriptionjeep ad

there might be some technical jargon in there that some of you might not understand, but just ask. i’d love to expand on things…

that’s how jeep guys are. you just can’t have a short jeep conversation.


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