waiting, waiting…

it’s tax season, everybody! that means i get to be pseudo rich for a week!

so i bought a lift kit. and since i know i’m writing to some readers who are jeep newbies, i’ll explain a little…

there are two kinds of lifts: A) suspension lift and 2) body lift.

i bought both.

the two inch body lift i bought will bring the body up off of the frame two inches. this is useful for fitting bigger tires under a vehicle.

i also bought a 1.75 inch coil spring spacer which will give my suspension (the coil springs) a lift of, you guessed it, 1.75 inches.

this will give the jeep a total of 3.75″ lift. believe it or not, that’s pretty mild. that’s about standard if you want to be able to drive it every day.

i was so excited the night i ordered my lift kit that i haven’t slept a night since then…


hopefully this weekend i will have some installation shots.

i also had to order a new front sway bar after finding that mine was rusted partially through on the bushings. so that takes priority over lifting the jeep.

ok… back to the rest of the world for me… jeeping tends to do this to people. you get wrapped up in it and realize, “hey, i haven’t done homework in two weeks…”


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