tax season is like 2nd christmas!!!

look at all the cool stuff i got from the ups guy today!!!



these are just a few of my favorite things,  but here’s what i got today…

1.  7″ fender flares – WAY more protection from flinging rocks, mud, etc. than the stock punies i have on there.  i think they’re around 3″ wide.

2.  1.75″ polyurethane coil spacers – this will give me almost two more inches of suspension under the jeep.

3.  no doors’ “lights out” – ingenious little springy device that keeps your lights off with the doors are removed.

4.  polyurethane sway bar bushings – now i just have to wait for the sway bar to come in…

5.  2″ body lift – i’m returning this.  as it turns out, this creates a lot of unforeseen issues with transmission linkage, brake lines, and shifters.  it’s too much hassle for $130.

so i ordered shocks instead!



  1. sarah c. Said:

    “Yeah, I was just checking the, uh, … the specs on the end line, shocks…for the rotary girder, uh, …I’m retarded.”

    I hope the sway bar comes today!!! 🙂

  2. Deaver Said:

    Hey pal! Hey!
    My dad always said that it is fun to drive your friend’s jeep after you all go out for sushi and look at toilets at Lowe’s.

    Thanks for letting me drive your jeep to Pekin last Friday. It was fun! 🙂 Oh wait, I just realized that was probably the last time I will ever visit your old apartment in Pekin, but now the good times will be at the big new house! Woot!

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