road trip

sorry for the lack of posts lately.  hopefully now i have more time to blog about what’s important and not be bogged down by stupid things like finals.  that had to be the worst quarter of my entire college career.  i can’t imagine any two worse classes to take at the same time.

what was i thinking signing up for business AND algebra???

at any rate…  my finals were over friday and sarah and i took off on saturday to visit our friends john and katie mann in salem, il and their little mann nathan (19 months old).

some highlights:

1.  a harley barn

2.  getting 25% off our purchase at a harley barn b/c i drew a coin from a pot o’ gold

3.  using our new gps for a whole weekend

4.  sarah’s first harley shirt

5.  the first bug to die on our jeep windshield

6.  sarah driving a stick shift on the highway

7.  the coolest color of blue i’ve ever encountered

and now for some pictures…



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  1. philcrow Said:

    call me next time you want to go hiking/biking.


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