an added touch of flare

one of the first things a jeep guy wants to do is add big tires to his rig. well, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes than just buying bigger wheels on which to mount the bigger wheels. you need a lot more clearance under the jeep to fit those big meats under there.

this post isn’t about all of that.

this post is about the inverse. the space outside of your jeep that will need to be add to so that the rotating masses called your tires are kept under wrap.

when i bought this jeep it had 31 X 10.50 tires on it. that’s 31″ tall and 10 1/2″ wide. since 10.50 is about 2 inches wider than stock tires, my tires stuck out of the jeep about 2 inches.

pedestrians hated this jeep. it didn’t take much to fling whatever i drove through to the sidewalks.

mostly, it was water. but sometimes it would be mud and even worse, rocks.

these new fender flares are the solution to that problem.

take a look at before:


and after:


there’s a ton more coverage now. which means i can add even wider tires… in fact, i’ve already got them picked out. but that’s for next tax season…

not only does my windshield stay a lot cleaner (yeah, it flung stuff that far), i’m legal again. the only issue is that my turn signals don’t quite reach to the little amber lens at the corner of the flare. i have to splice in about an inch of wiring on each front side.

a jeepers work is never done…

more pictures from the fender flare day:


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