jeeps kill

since my brand new camera that i got for christmas is at the geek squad getting repaired (long story short, i tried to take a picture of sarah in front of the pornmobile and it froze.  ………..  no photo taking), i’ll just have to leave it up to my story-telling skills for this post…

sorry to my friends who claim i’m a very “animated character.”  you won’t be able to see my facial expressions and body gestures on this one.

it all started about this time last week.  i kept hearing a weird, metallic, rubbing noise seemingly coming from the front end of the jeep.

as it turns out, it was coming from the rear.  that much was apparent by monday of this week.  luckily, i had been driving my step-dad’s truck all weekend b/c of the move to peoria.  you’ll understand why i say “luckily” by the end of this story.

on tuesday, sarah and i met at lowe’s after i got off work.  keep in mind, this was my third trip across the 74 bridge that day.  i was even contemplating driving the truck i haven’t sold yet w/ its expired plate sticker b/c the jeep was NOT sounding healthy by this point.  as i pulled into the lowe’s parking lot, the noise become obviously louder.  i asked sarah to listen to the jeep to see if she could hear where this noise was coming from as i drove past her.

by the look on her face, i could tell the prognosis was not good.

apparently, my left rear tire was wobbling.   wobbling, folks.  wobbling.

upon futher inspection, i found three lug nuts (the nuts that hold the wheel to the vehicle) to be finger tight and two of them to be missing altogether.  if i had to guess, i wouldn’t have made it across the bridge another time that day.

i tightened the three lug nuts down and bought two more at o’reilly’s right down the street from the new house the next morning.

the jeep still makes a metal on metal scraping noise, but i think it’s b/c some brake components are out of whack, missing, or just bent all to hell.  at any rate, i’m gonna need that spring time brake job sooner than i had expected.

lesson learned:  inspect the simple things.  they’re probably simple for a reason.


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