the sway bar story

this is an old post i never got around to finishing. since the camera is still in the shop and i’ve got to use old photos, i can finish this one.

the story goes like this…

i was replacing the sway bar links.

that’s it.  (for the jeep impared:  sway bars help level out the load of the weight of your engine and transmission.  it also keeps your car from feeling like a rocking boat in corners)

undo 2 bolts and 2 nuts, replace new parts, replace 2 bolts and 2 nuts and call it a day.


there’s an automotive curse.  i’ve come use use this term often:  “it always takes 3 times longer than originally planned.”

what turned into a half hour job remained unfinished for weeks. i ended up ordering a whole new sway bar and bushings. there were some problems with the order at 4WD Hardware, so my order is taking even longer to get here. apparently debit cards have a daily spending limit…

also, the sway bar was lost in transit for a few days.  i paid for two day shipping, i got it in two weeks.

here are a few shots of me trying to get this sway bar to cooperate… the smoke is from heating up the sway bar with a torch and then spraying it with WD-40…


its much easier to do this with impact tools and the tires removed.  i don’t have an air wrench (which is an impact tool) b/c those are expensive and where was i going to keep it?  my apartment didn’t even have enough room to flush the toilet w/o rubbing the wall.  and i don’t think my jack is tall enough to lift the jeep up off the ground.  so i did it the hard way.

when it’s all said and done, it took 3 times as long to remove the links as it did to put it all back on.  and i only had to drive for 3 weeks w/o a front sway bar.

i’m officially claiming the automotive struggles as “the curse of three.”

but, it’s good to have a finished project.


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