i’m a tree hugger

i got called a tree hugger for the first time today.

by now, i’m sure a lot of people have heard of the so called “gas strike” tomorrow (may 15) where we really put a twist in the oil business’ panties.

so far i’ve gotten e-mails, text messages, and word of mouth.  i hear people are making posts on myspace.
and i even heard about it being on the news.

today at work, my friend sent out an e-mail to our group address (about 30 people) with the forward saying that we’ll take 3 billion dollars right out of big oil’s hands.

this is where i got called a tree-hugger…  when i hit reply all and said, “Or, better yet, keep up on the maintenance of your car (oil changes, fluid amounts, tire pressure), slow down (you burn more gas the faster you go), and don’t let you car idle in your driveway or in drive-thrus and save gas EVERY day.


that’s when one loan person wrote back and said “TREE HUGGIN HIPPY”

i’m proud to be called a tree hugger.  trees are my favorite plants.  and if i can still be considered a tree hugger while driving a wrangler (about 16 MPG on a good day), then i must be doing something right.



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