post man day wrap up

i’m sorry to say, there are no pictures from this man day.  unlike last year, the project didn’t get done.  there were no potatoes shot through a privacy fence to make funny videos with.

since my camera broke in march (or was it april?), we’ve been thinking of what to do with the exchange…  i think we’ve got it figured out, so this blog will come back to life with pictures then.

but for now, you’ll have to leave this post to your imaginations.

my good friend joe patterson was the first one to show up and the last one to leave.  he was even late to his softball game to help put the shocks on the rear, sarah’s dad, dale, brought over some leinenkugel’s sunset wheat, kevin did an awesome job watching the brats, and my friends justin and sean both came through in a pinch with extra tools and/or supplies.

everyone there did a manly job for sure.

and now for the jeep-related stuff:

1.  my jack stands are too short, even for a stock wrangler

2.  the weirdo that owned this jeep before me had coil spring spacers on just the rear, and not the good kind like i installed…  his went in between  the spaces of the coil spring, giving a very harsh ride.

3.  the nuts were rusted onto these old school spacers so we got to cut them and hammer them off

4.  spring compressors from o’reily’s auto store really only work if you’re going to compress them when they aren’t installed.  we ended up taking apart way more of the jeep than i had anticipated.

5.  after you get a lift installed, things don’t line up like they used to.  the rear track bar was NOT fun to reinstall.  we ended up putting one wheel/tire on, i put a 2X4 in between the shock and a bracket on the axle and pushed off of the bike rack while eli and sarah held the track bar in place while the other one slipped the bolt in as far as possible.   teamwork, my friend.  and sarah did what other guys couldn’t do.  (maybe girls should be invited to man day after all???)

6.  the sun was going down when i was just starting the front.  so, i’m driving a jeep with the rear jacked up about 1.5″ higher than the front.

all in all, it was a good man day.  i wish there had been more fun and less work, but…  work is fun, right???

thanks to everyone who helped out.  i couldn’t have done it without you.


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