don’t buy stuff you can’t afford

good advice for any jeep owner. it’s too easy to get caught up in all the catalogs selling new products for your jeep.

it’s too easy to just put anything you want on your credit card in a country where we want things now because we think we deserve it yesterday.

well, now be debt free with this simple instruction manual.

it’s simple, really. yet, i spent years screwing that up. then i met sarah and now she had to help me pay off dumb debt. the kind that’s going out to eat when i had food at home (which was probably bought with a credit card anyway).

but the point is, we’re out of debt now (almost. you can’t avoid a mortgage most of the time, and we have pesky student loans), and we’re staying out. so far, all the jeep stuff has been paid for using “money” not “credit.”

yes, i used the credit card. but we had the cash-o-la to back it up.

but now, the best part, the payment we would be spending on a car payment is now going towards our next vehicle purchase (hopefully, i think i’ve got sarah talked out of a honda CRV and into a 4-door jeep wrangler unlimited).

i don’t mean to brag, i’ve just been on both sides of this monster. at one point, including car, motorcycle, and credit card debt, i was in for over $13,000.

now, we’re selling sarah’s car (anyone want a well-kept 2003 camry?) and then we’re home free (for the most part).

plus… who DOESN’T want more jeep parts? it’s thanks to being debt-free that keeps this blog alive. no money = no jeep projects + no camera = boring blog about jeep stuff and not about an actual jeep.

oh yes, and if you want some even more helpful links to debt help… just read dave ramsey’s book. it’ll change your life.




  1. Dave Said:

    Very cool. Congrats to you guys! I’ll see you this weekend!

  2. beth Said:

    how much do you want for that well kept 2003 Camry? My car after 5 years of me driving it and 7 years of someone else driving it before me is going to need to be replaced here soon.
    what is the gas mileage?
    how many miles?
    typical i am intersted in your car questions….

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