green suv?

ok, i own up to it. my wrangler gets poor gas mileage. it’s not a hummer getting 8 MPG going to the soccer filed and back, but it does have a heavy frame and beefy parts with a larger than average engine for a vehicle its size.

basically, it’s not the most eco friendly vehicle to drive.

and as a steward of the earth, i should do everything in my ability to protect what we’ve been put in charge of.

i’ve seen some guys have their “weekend toys” and then drive a small import to work during the week. but that seems excessive. we don’t need another vehicle and most of the time these extra cars are burning oil and polluting more than their well-maintained 4×4 at home.

so what’s a green-minded suv owner to do?

go here and play nice. that’s what.


tread lightly is a non-profit organization that shows up at outdoor events and reminds people to share the sandbox with nature (i’ve even read about events where you can’t get on the trail until you pick up one garbage bag full of garbage from the outlying region). one tagline i’ve heard is “take only memories, leave only footprints.”

i’ll probably take only memories plus some pictures and leave only footprints, but i think you get the idea.

now go outside and play nice. it’s a beautiful day.


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