it’s the lunar waneshaft game!

i’m totally ripping off a game that i read on this blog.  his is more general, but this is a jeep blog, so it’s going to be about jeep parts.

so, here’s the first official “lunar waneshaft game” photo.


and next to my foot for some contrast…


the first person to get it right gets a candy bar of your choice hand delivered to you (unless you live far away then it’s getting mailed).

if no one gets it by the end of the day today, i will post a picture hint showing what this part does.

good luck.



  1. sarah c. Said:

    at first glance, it looked like the bump stop inside the front coils . . .

    but after a little research I found out what it really is!!!

    come on, people!!

    don’t you want your favorite candy bar? : )

  2. Jamin Said:

    I bet its some sort of plug that is in place in the floor of the Jeep. If you leave your top down when it rains, you remove said plug, and the water will drain out. Instead of the candy bar, how about you just come help me pull a rose bush out of my backyard.

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