free dog problems

no, i’m not giving mac or millie away.

and you don’t need a hound to get dog problems.

you just have to click here.   the format is letting anyone willing to sign up for their newsletter download their album ‘dog problems’ for free until july 16!


in case you’re wondering, yeah…  they’re good.  good enough to blog about on a jeep blogsite.

so what does the format have to do with jeeps?  probably not much.  i don’t know any of the bandmembers so i don’t know if they’re into the coolest thing on four wheels, but i do know i love to listen to their music in my jeep.  and i do know ‘dog problems’ was the fist CD i listened to when i got my jeep.

so give ’em a try.  they’re worth at least that.


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  1. Jumpship!! Said:

    amazing fuckin album

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