car guys

i’ve got this condition.  sarah is learning to live with it and understand what it’s about and what it does to me and my mind.

i’m a car guy.  car nut.  grease monkey.  motorhead.

it’s a real condition.

basically, your mind is bent on auto stuff all day long.  i recently found out i’m not the only guy who reads “tradin’ post” for entertainment.

but when i do, i find things and tell sarah about them.  it usually goes like this…

“sarah!  look at this!  matching jet skis!  we could sell the motorcycle, buy jetskis and pull the canoe on the jet skis!”

or, “sarah!  look at this!  we should buy this fourwheeler, you can learn how to ride it, and then you’ll be used to shifting and we can get another harley so we can go on rides together!”

when sarah has a gift for me and tells me to guess what it is, my first guess is “jeep?”

second guess, “harley?”

third guess, “four wheeler?”

you get the idea.

this combined selling sarah’s car and getting the money from it (which we’re supposed to be paying of the truck with) makes me want to forget everyone’s buddy dave ramsey and just buy the fun, gas-powered, polluting, go fast fun stuff.

i know we need to sell one of our three cars so we can get rid of our car payments, but wouldn’t it be so cool to have a corvette in the garage?  or a four wheeler?

the debt isn’t killing us.  we can make the payments.  so why pay it off???  isn’t it normal to have debt?  doesn’t everyone have it?

my g’ma tells us that we’re good kids and we’re not “out on the streets” so we deserve good stuff.

i know dave ramsey’s right when he says “debt is dumb and cash is king.  the paid off home morgagte has taken the place of the mercedes as the status symbol of choice,” but is he a  gear head like me?

the fact remains…

get out of debt, then buy stuff when you have + in the bank and not – in the bank.  take good care of your money and own your stuff before your stuff owns you.

even jeeps aren’t worth going into debt for.


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  1. Susan Fong Said:

    The system has made us so dependent on plastic that sometimes we often forget that this debt is to be paid some day. Our grandparents were better off dealing cash and never having any debt. Money is the root of all evil, get out of debt.

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