dream vehicle

there’s this really awesome, smart girl i’m engaged to. she makes lists. they help her brain organize ideas.

here’s a list that’s likely to change, but it needs to be published so my brain can organize which dream car to buy first when i have the cash money flow:

1. 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss 454 – my favorite car in the world since i started liking cars

2. 1995 chevrolet corvette – my uncle had a yellow one i took to prom three years in a row and entered it in two car shows. (no, i wasn’t held back a year. i took a girl to prom after i graduated.)

3. early model lamborghini countach – wowy kazowy, how could you be a boy born in the 80’s and NOT want one of these???

4. basically any porsche except the cayenne – i had a book when i was about 12 or 13 that had pictures of exotic cars. the lambo and the porsche are the only ones i remember, but i remember staring at them until i fell asleep.

5. jeep wrangler – i’ve already bought one (with sarah’s money) and i’ve plenty of pictures on the flickr (so i won’t link to one) and, yes, it is a dream vehicle. it’s the only affordable one on this list and it might just remain the only one on this list i ever purchase. but i’m learning to be happy with that.

6. 1969 dodge charger – don’t make me repeat # 3

7. 1977 pontiac firebird trans am – i can’t decide who the bigger star of smokey and the bandit is. is it the TA or the bandit himself (burt renyolds)?

i’m going to have to stop there. i don’t know anyone with a 7-car garage anyway.

now only if we sold sarah’s car, used that money to buy a hovercraft, let helicopters land on it, rescue lost sailors, use the reward money to purchase a deep sea vehicle, so we can recover treasure at the bottom of the sea, i could get that ’70 chevelle.

but i won’t hold my breath.


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  1. sarah c. Said:

    this list is FANtastically helpful!

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