i found something the jeep can’t do

and the truck can.

i don’t have a picture of it, but i’m sure i’ll get one before the project is over.

so far, we’ve hauled 9 truckloads of gravel out of our back yard.  i found a calculator online.  it’s at least 20 tons of gravel.  possibly even 30.

here’s a basic shot of the magnitude of what we’re up against with this project…


20′ by 25′ and at least 8″ deep.  in the middle it’s more like 12″ deep.

this has been what’s taking up my time.

so, without further ado, i would like to announce JAMIN WILLIAMS (no link b/c he doesn’t have a blog and i don’t have a myspace) as the winner of the first LUNAR WAYNESHAFT game.

good job, jamin.  that was, indeed, a photo of a drain plug in the jeep.  it allows me to drain the water out when i’ve been in a body of water above the door seals (or, for when i leave the top down in the rain, but that would never happen, right???).

you win the use of my truck for a day (good for one trip to lowe’s).  thanks for playing.

sorry sarah, you had an unfair advantage but i’ll give you the candybar i didn’t give jamin.  and you can still use the truck.


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  1. […] our biggest project thus far has been the yard. you can see what i’m talking about here. […]

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