he makes how much???

wow…  do you know what i hear from this video?

from GM’s vice chairman of product development, that he “doesn’t owe me anything” and that “GM will, for the third year in a row, sell more cars outside north america than within north america.”

let me tell you how i interpret that as a consumer and customer of GM products:

1.  GM charged me a LOT for a new truck, but doesn’t feel like giving me anything in the way of information about their products.

2.  GM doesn’t need me to make their profit margins.

why would you say “i don’t owe you anything” to a mass market of people you are trying to sell to???  maybe it’s just b/c i work in customer service, but i wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if i told a customer that.

and why would you tell your customers, “well, we’re gonna make money with you or without you anyway.  sooo…..”

that’s just bad business.

i’m curious as to what seth godin would have to say about all the shenanigans at GM and with bobby lutz.

by the way, check out how much lutz the putz made just in insider trading.  even after he took an almost 50% pay cut, he still made a cool 3 million in 2005.

all this and i’m left wondering…  where’s the PR?  shouldn’t robert a. lutz use some of that $3,000,000 per year to get someone to tell him how to not be a jerk and put it on youtube???

i’m too scard to look up jeep’s numbers.  i don’t want to find any arsefaces like mr. lutz at the chrysler corp.  i might end up being disappointed in them like i am with GM right now.


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  1. sarah c. Said:

    best part about this post . . .

    it’s categorized under “jerkface.”


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