real quick…

things just got busier than i had planned on.

here’s the short list:

1. choose ALL the wedding music (ceremony and reception, including dining music)

2. make a video slideshow for the ceremony

3. make a video slideshow for the reception (this is just a simple one of photos to loop all night long. no transitions, no music. just me and sarah)

4. fix the ceiling (i REALLY don’t feel like taking a picture of that. i just want to fix it and forget it)

5. get a tree taken down in the back yard.

why # 5 you ask? i thought eric loves the outdoors. and trees are in the outdoors…

here’s why


that’s a major chunk of our tree in the neighbor’s yard. right on top of the new fence i just put up.

but the jeep made short work of the limb…


and, on the bright side, i’ve always got the nuggets and sarah to make me laugh…



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