no matter what happens in a day, two questions still plague my mind:

a)  why does the word “internet” have to be capitalized?  it’s not a proper noun.  it’s just a thing.  but it’s capitalized EVERYWHERE.

2)  why do some bloggers make random words bold?

i see the use for option 2).  i’ve used bolded wording.  but some people just overdo it.  it’s like they can’t type a sentence without making at least ONE word bold.

this has nothing to do with jeeps, but it could have something to do with jeep blogs.

but it doesn’t.  it’s mostly those churchy blogs i read.  yeah, what they’ve got to say is important, but if my eye is jumping around their page reading the bolded words i’m clicking away.  simple as that.

no real worth here except to say, “if you want me to read your post, please…  only bold the text that’s extremely important and/or needs emphasis.”



  1. ok. please and thank you was all you needed at the end of this rant. haha.
    i’m guilty of bold.

  2. Deaver Said:

    Guess what. Tonight I met this chick who is engaged to the guy who makes all the videos for that TripleX Church site!

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