this is a jeep blog?

i realize this post has gone down the tubes as far as jeep blogs go.

it’s got a few tidbits here and there, but i really wanted this to be about my project jeep.

there hasn’t been a lot of action on the project front lately, but that’s only b/c we’re just getting back from the biggest day of our lives followed by the biggest vacation of our lives.

i haven’t gotten any pictures of our jeep on our big day with the canoe on top, but those will be uploaded after we get home (i’m currently writing this at LAX for our 11 hour layover before heading to o’hare in a couple more hours).

here are some pictures of what has actually happened to the jeep that i haven’t blogged about quite yet…

1. FINALLY got the doors off!


2. FINALLY got the old hinges off the door!


3. realized there’s an easier way than grinding for an hour and got pissed at an inanimate object!



4. relocated the side-view mirrors so i can legally drive with the doors off!

img_0975.jpg this is a “before” picture

5. sarah changed a tire!


that’s pretty much all i have pictures of right now.

sarah also got me a hi-lift jack (caution: that website sucks and is using some type of frame construction, so you might have to click around to find the hi-lift jack portion) that i mounted to the rear bumper.

*side note* most jeep dudes mount the hi-lift to the front bumper, but i chose the rear bumper for two point five reasons.

a) better aerodynamics. yeah, the rear bumper still is affected by aerdynamics, but not as severely as the front, so i’m hoping this is just one of those little details i can do to better MPGs.

2) i want more weight in the rear (particularly right rear) of the vehicle since i don’t have the capability to lock the rear axle. this is an old drag-racer trick.

2.5) i don’t have a spare tire on the jeep anymore (again, more MPGs but this time it’s a weight saving issue) b/c the spare didn’t match the rest of the tire sizes on the jeep. so it was useless. but this means the jack won’t interfere with the spare tire mounted in the rear b/c it’s just not there anymore.

that’s it for now. i’m gonna let my hot new wife use the ‘puter for a while. she’s been reading survivor by chuck palahniuk for hours now. i’ll give her brain a break and let her surf on the silicone waves for a bit.

we’ll see if i stick to my plan and get this blog on track after we get home.  keep your fingers crossed!

as they said down under, CHEERS!


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