i have no idea what that means, but “jeeps gone wild” is the title of the event sarah and i are inadvertently going to next weekend.

their website is a little rough, but nonetheless, it gets the job done i guess. we’re going to the badlands off-road park in attica, in.

i’ve been there once before with my cousins on a camping trip, but we had four-wheelers and dirt bikes then. this time i guess will be a little different because the four-wheeling will be in our wrangler and i can have more passengers.

school starts up soon, so sarah and i wanted to take a road trip as a married couple before i have to get my nose back to that grindstone. we were kind of sick of flying after our honeymoon, so driving somewhere actually didn’t sound like a chore.

but listen how cool my wife is… we were originally going to stay at a bed and breakfast in galena, il for a weekend. then i thought it would be cool to go camping instead because we registered for a bunch of camping equipment, then i took it one step further and thought maybe we could go off-roading AND camping.

sarah’s response?

“yeah, that would be fun!”

we were actually going to go to the badlands on the one year anniversary of engagement, but man day prevailed. and so did holly’s graduation party. so we didn’t really feel like we missed out on any trail time since we had other cool things to do.

i should have checked this sooner, but they have an event going on at the badlands that saturday called “jeeps gone wild.

if you click that link, be prepared for ambiguity. all the information it gives is that the park is still open to the public.

i guess we’re the public, so i’ll bring back pictures of jeeps flashing the camera for t-shirts i guess.

they do make bikinis and bras for jeeps… now i don’t know what to think!



  1. Becky Said:

    oooo that sounds really fun.

    i hate you both.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for having interest on our event. “Jeeps Gone Wild” is our jeep club. We have planned events though-out the year & is posted on the Badlands site & other sites. Anyone is welcome to join in & have a blast with your jeep, on the trails & to meet new jeep friends. Please look out for our Jeeps thats has our logos on them that says “Jeeps Gone Wild”
    You can also look for a yellow jeep that has “Disney” logos on it …that will be my jeep. If you have a CB or a 2 way radio we’ll be on Chan12.
    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:
    Here’s our website:
    Thank You,
    Club President

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