the list

my wife is really big into lists.  if there’s a project, that’s an opportunity for a list.  and it’s awesome.  i love organization and my wife.

so i’m making a list of things to do on the jeep.  these are just ideas right now that i’m trying to prioritize and put into something real, so i’m sure this list will be revised later on. here we go…

1.  brakes – the front passenger side has been rattling for a while.  the previous owner must have started a brake job, broke a bolt, and decided it wasn’t worth it.  the jeep stops, it’s just making noise and pulls to the left a little under hard deceleration.

2.  blower motor switch – the switch was bad when i bought the jeep, so i replaced it when i had the dash apart putting in the new stereo head unit.  that switch promptly melted a month or two later which is when i found out there’s WAY too much current going to that switch (from the factory).  have you ever tried to defrost your windshield with just the lowest fan speed?  it takes a long time.  if ever.  so i found out you can just put a relay in for each setting on the fan, or a friend mentioned i can just get one relay that has 4 different settings (one for each blower speed).  now i just need to find a relay that can do that, call that friend *cough* jamin *cough, cough*, and have him explain what the red wire REALLY does.

3.  new hood hinges – i’ve replaced all the other hinges on the jeep with black ones, and now the chrome hood hinges need to go.

4.  new hood vent – same basic idea as hood hinges, but this item is rusting on the jeep.  no good

5.  front bumper – enough said.

6.  winch –  to go with the new front bumper.  duh.  and to get me out of sticky situations and sticky mud.

7.  new axles – dana 44s front and rear.  right now, even with just 31″ tires on the jeep (29″ was stock from the factory), it’s a little doggy going up a hill with the wind coming straight on and the top down.  not to mention the dana 30/35 combo that came from the factory are the weak links in any off-road capable wrangler.

8.  lockers – ox lockers front and rear.   simple design, amazing results.  my kinda product.

that’s about it for now.  8 is a good number to stop at.  and, hopefully by the time i have all this taken care of, this jeep will be about wrapped up and then it’ll be time for a project jeep to keep me busy in the garage.

right now, i’m thinking a YJ from the late 90’s…  just old enough to be dirt cheap, but not so old that the frames have completely rusted away.

but that’s another post for another day.  let’s just see how long it takes me to complete this list for now!


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  1. ellomichelle Said:

    I think you would love to go 4 wheeling on the sand dunes just south of Florence. If you come visit, I will check cost for renting 4-wheelers.

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