did we really just do that?

sarah and i were asking ourselves that all day today.

we drove up and down hills that would be impossible to walk/run/leap/or otherwise traverse had it not been for our trusty jeep.

there was one instance of breakage, but i don’t care. it was a plastic part that i wanted to replace eventually anyway with a steel piece.

now watch this silly little video of what i’m talking about…

i don’t really know what we broke that on because there were so many times we heard something crunch when we dropped off a boulder or a rut or when we shifted sideways into a root sticking out, but i do know it broke a piece of steel tubing and ripped a hole in the sidestep.

good riddance, i say.

we found out what jeeps gone wild is. (make sure your speakers are off if you’re at work. music autoplays)

they were a really cool group of people that like jeeps. however, most had lift kits and that’s it. some didn’t even have that. they weren’t all that wild, and that’s what we were looking for. it was a fun time and nobody broke anything significant.

things got a little hairy at one point where our roll bar was resting on a tree and i needed some help from a spotter which i got from the president of jeeps gone wild. there was a new guy there taking pictures with some sort of cool DSLR but i didn’t get his e-mail address. if you’re out there, dude… contact me. you got cool pix of my jeep doing cool things and i think i saw a video camera, too. i just want proof that i actually went down that drop off.

there are pictures in the sidebar from my flickr account, but here are my top 3…


it feels like we did sooooo much more than we took pictures of, but you just can’t get out of your jeep while you’re crawling along creekbeds or up the side of a rocky hill to snap a photo.

we’re definitely going back, and i’ve definitely convinced sarah to get a four-wheeler. or rather, the four-wheelers spoke for themselves and sarah wants one now.

my wife is the coolest.

our jeep rocked.

we didn’t roll.



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