have you ever seen two jeeps pass on the road and they wave at each other?

well, it happens.  start paying attention on the road, would ya?

jeep dudes and dudettes like each other.  we’re usually friendly, relaxed people who enjoy the outdoors and have a lot in common.

my friend at work was a jeephead, too.  he drives a grand am now because his wrangler got totalled when someone pulled out in front of him.

the good news in all of this?

free stuff!!!


he couldn’t use his sony xplod speakers anymore, so he snagged them out of the jeep before it went to the junkyard and they’re all mine now.  i installed them last night.  they even match the head unit in the jeep.

i swear i’ve gotten a lot of cool stuff in my time, but THIS



but sorry about your wrangler, dude…  that sucks.


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