the list revisited

i need to update the list:

1.  still need brake work done.  there’s still a broken bolt in there.

2.  still need to add relays to my blower switch.  but i think i may understand it a little better now.  any double e’s wanna help?

3.  tires.  there’s an awesome sale going on right now, and sarah said it’s ok to upgrade.  the jeep needs new tires anyway and it’s actually cheaper to buy new wheels/tires while they’re on sale than it would be to buy just new tires this winter when we’ll need them.

4.  rear bumper might have knocked front bumper out of the way after last weekend’s desecration.  we bent the bolts holding our high-lift on because it hung down too low being mounted on our rear bumper.

5.  front bumper/whinch still on the list

6.  axles; front and rear.  i found a set with ox lockers pre-installed.  this is probably a year down the road, though.

you’ll notice (maybe) that hood hinges are removed from the list.

that’s b/c i married mrs. right (now mrs. chapman) and she bought them for the jeep.

go marriage!



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