big week for this jeep blog

there’s a surprise coming.

and hopefully it’s here by the end of the week.

i’m going to try a hint a day to see if anyone can guess it.

it’s the biggest thing a jeep guy can hope for.

that’s clue number one.



  1. Megan Said:

    is sarah buying a jeep too? now you’ll have 2 jeeps??

  2. job1210 Said:

    nope. we do want a cherokee instead of our truck, though. so we actually have been talking about that. but keep guessing… i’ll post another hint.

  3. Megan Said:

    so correct me if im wrong, you have the camry, truck (ranger?), jeep and harley…so thats like a vehicle per person AND dog in your house! And you’ll be adding a cherokee??

    id like to get some kind of SUV and convert it to veggie oil…david thinks im crazy…i think it’d be awesome! but we want to find a ‘nice’ enough car we can have for a looonng time…so big enough for kids,etc. and i’d have an SUV if it was on veggie oil, that’d rock!

  4. eric Said:

    no way… that’s too many cars!

    it breaks down like this…

    jeep wrangler
    gmc canyon
    harley-davidson sportster
    old time canoe (for those rainy transits to work)

    we sold the camry, and are thinking about selling the truck to get a cherokee. that way if we do have to drive it somewhere, we can at least take more than one person.

    but i really want to sell the truck in hopes of jeep coming out with a diesel truck that we can run bio in.


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