clue #2

it’s almost ironic that this package has to be delivered.  it could just about get her on its own.

that’s clue 2.

megan already guessed that it was a second jeep, which is a really good guess because we do want another jeep, but that’s not quite it.



  1. Deaver Said:

    It’s a new puppy?

  2. Deaver Said:

    Oh wait, one of those four-wheeler thingies maybe?

  3. Deaver Said:

    A delivery truck. Because it would be ironic if a delivery truck would have to be delivered. Hah. Ok, lame. Shut up.

  4. job1210 Said:

    delivery truck is also a good guess. and you’re thinking along the right lines.

    but no.

    not a delivery truck.

    you get jeep points for thinking outside the sedan, though.

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