oh great

another strike, eh?  this time, it’s a little too close to home for this jeepboy.

you can get caught up here at the motor trend blog.

there are a lot of  angles for this story, but everyone wants it cut and dry.

UAW vs. the management.

obviously, there’s way more to it than that.  having been a UAW employee at caterpillar for a year, i can vouch for the working man and say, “it doesn’t do that much for you.”

after i got a salaried job with cat, all of a sudden i got a raise and benefits.  plus they still pay for 90% of my tuition and 70% of my books for school.

oh…  and i didn’t have to pay union dues anymore.  that’s right, you have to pay to be part of something you don’t agree with (because being in the union is required in some states for certain jobs).

but that’s another soapbox…  let’s get back to the heart of the matter.

what does this mean for jeep?

well, here’s what this blogger hopes for.

bye bye UAW!  chrysler (who owns jeep) is a privately owned company now (owned by  cerberus capital management l.p.) and owned by a business whose made it their business to make money and kill debt.  why not make money and kill off one area where you’d be losing money?

it also means there won’t be any new jeeps being assembled and that is bad news for chrysler.  jeep is pretty much keeping that one of the big three afloat with the new four door wrangler and the liberty.

we’ll see how it pans out.  if history is any indicator of the future, then things will shake down pretty quickly and the UAW will get what they want.

let’s hope lee iacocca doesn’t have a heart attack and die when/if cerberus caves.


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