clue #3

today’s clue is going to have to be a LOT more specific because i just got the call that this delivery will be made tomorrow between the hours of 12 and 2.

so far we have that it is a BIG deal for a jeep, and it’s ironic that this will have to be delivered.

here’s clue 3:

they (cuz it’s more than 1) kind of grow on trees.  maybe not completely, but an aspect of them does.

that’s more like a clue and a half but so hopefully that helps a little.   …i’ll even give you the name of the tree.

it’s a ficus.

and here’s a picture:


are we any closer now???



  1. sarah c. Said:

    according to wikepedia (the best source for all knowledgeable information)…those trees grow in australia!

    anyway, i have no idea how that relates to what’s coming tomorrow…

    …but i know what it is, and I’m excited! 🙂

  2. Megan Crow Said:

    okay i have no idea about jeeps

    or things that come from ficus trees (tho now I can look for some in Australia!)

    but this is still driving me nuts just because I have to know EVERYTHING and even tho this doesnt apply to me, or in any way better my life, i want to know.


    good marketing eric, you got me hooked.

    the only thing i was thinking was tires…cause there’s more than 1…and they could, i dunno, ROLL to you house instead of be delivered?? But that’d be expensive to ship…and do tires come from trees?

    PS Do the toilets in Australia really flush the other way?

  3. Deaver Said:

    Okay, according to Wikipedia, figs grow on ficus trees. But I know that’s not it.
    However, rubber comes from the ficus elastica tree, so yah, I agree with Megan. It is probably some big mud/snow tires for the jeep.

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