final clue?

well, i didn’t really plan for this, but i’m wondering what to do now…

do i let everyone off the hook because tomorrow is the big day for the delivery?  do i confirm/deny the guesses?  do i deny the guess if it was correct just so we can keep playing?  or do i say that i’m not revealing the true secret until i have a picture to post?

alright, i’ll just go for it.  i’ll give credit where credit is due.

megan crow got the winning guess!  becky the deaver was a little too late, but she agreed with the winner so she gets a consolation prize.

oh crap…  what’s the first place prize???

ughhh…  EVERYBODY GO READ MEGAN’S BLOG!  it will save your world.

also, go get deaved.  daily.  at becky’s blog.  you already have the links so just go and leave a comment a day for the rest of your life.

i am getting new tires tomorrow.  wheels and tires to be exact.  to be even more exact…  i will post pictures probably saturday depending on how much homework i have.

my astronomy teacher got his doctorate in moscow so i think this quarter may be a little more taxing than the past few…

thanks for playing.  all two of you.  i’ll try to come up with more blog games.  this was fun.


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