johnny jeep

i posted a few posts ago a post about my new-to-me speakers.

here’s why john decided to take his speakers out…


i don’t think the speakers would have lasted long at the junkyard anyway.  that’s where they take jeeps that get totalled when someone pulls out in front of you.

if you look close, you can see, on john’s green jeep, some red paint from the jerkface in the red truck that totaled a perfectly operating wrangler.

also, said jerkface ruined dinner.  john had a bucket of chicken he was taking home for dinner to his family.

i’ll just be glad that all we lost was a jeep and not a jeep guy and hopefully i’ll be posting pictures of his new four door unlimited when they buy it this winter/spring sometime.

if you’re coming over for the backyard party on sunday, john and his wife michelle will be the ones with the cute basset hound pup.  congratulate him on being a survivor and tell all your friends you met the man of steel.


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