the guessing game winner

here’s a little more for our winner megan.

she’s going to oz for three weeks for school and asked if the toilets really flush the other way down under.

i think you have your answer.

you can almost tell, but right at the end i almost knocked my wife out when the door unexpectedly came open during filming and i hurriedly tried to shut it.

…into her face.

oops. sorry sarah! i’m glad the swelling went down before we got back!

also, i start off saying “this is for you matt and john.”  those are a couple guys at work that i’m pretty good friends with who wanted video proof that the toilet water flushes clockwise down under.

has mythbusters done a show on this theory?  i think they should

this minute and a half video also shows why this is NOT a video blog. it’s too hard to narrate, think, and take action all at once. no matter how prepared you are, a video blog usually can’t hold anyone’s intrest. besides… you just want to scan through blogs for the good info anyway, right? that’s not so easy to do with a video blog.

so rest easy blog readers… this blog may feature silly little videoes from time to time, but it will never turn into a video blog.

that would just be way to silly.


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