project management or image clue #1

i’ve had some fun trying to get you guys to guess with that last game.

so i’m going to do it again.

i just finished my first assignment this quarter for my project management class at capella university. we could make up our own project for the quarter so i chose mine on, of course… the jeep!

i’ve always said i love working on projects as compared to just working. i.e. my job is work and has goals, but there isn’t a project with an end in sight.

so i put a name to the overall work we’re doing to the jeep. that’s right, our jeep project has a moniker.

do you think you can guess what it is?

i’m going to try image hints this time. i will post a picture a day until someone guesses it, or i just plain get tired of trying to find images that could be clues.

here we go. clue number 1:


any guesses?



  1. Dave Said:

    Project “I can’t get no satisfaction”

  2. job1210 Said:

    a good guess from dave, but sorry. project can’t get no satisfaction will not be in my garage.

    comment hint:

    i don’t like the rolling stones. so it’s more general and may have nothing to do with mick jagger. that pompous brit. who actually pays for their concert tickets anyway?

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