wordpress layout

sorry for the inconsistency of the image clues.

wordpress just doesn’t make sense sometimes to me.

does anyone else ever have trouble uploading images? it doesn’t always give me the option of a thumbnail. i’m assuming it’s because the image is too large to resize that small, but it’d be nice if they told me that before i got all the way to the end of the process.

also, sometimes i click “send to editor” and it just shows up as a link and not an actual image, thumbnail or actual size.

i know this layout sucks for youtube videos to be imbeded but a few pixels, but this last image was nuts. it’s too big to fit in the margin this layout has, but wordpress won’t allow a thumbnail.

does anyone else have a better layout that would allow this? i can’t complain about wordpress’ layouts because they’re free, but come on… just because it’s free doesn’t mean it can’t work right.

i’ll probably catch some crap for saying this layout doesn’t work right, so i’ll stop here.

everyone have a great night (or day?) and let me know if there are any ideas out there.



  1. michelle Said:

    Yes! Thank you so much for stating your annoyance with WordPress. I thought it was just me…

  2. […] } · { jeeping } { Tags: annoying, image, image uploader, thumbnails, wordpress } remember my recent grumblings about wordpress?  (and you really should.  i just gave you a link to […]

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