that last post was about a wussy jeep.

well, a rubicon would be the exact opposite. if you want a completely capable jeep from the factory, get the rubicon package. in fact, i’ve even promised sarah that if our next vehicle is an unlimited wrangler rubicon, i wouldn’t even need to do anything to it. i would just leave well enough alone and wheel it as is.

but anyway, back to reality… the rubicon is a trail in california. and the folks at chrysler knew their market well enough to know what their consumers wanted. so they named their flagship vehicle after the famous trail.


on the rubicon.

can you believe those guys get paid to be flown to california, some from across the world, so they can drive the baddest stock ride down one of the baddest trails of north america?

why didn’t i go to journalism school again???

oh yeah… you’d have to write. and english class.


oh yes, and props to mikes totally free jeep news now for the vid.


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