overtime = jeep time

i love google.  it’s so famous now that i don’t even need to link to it.  a lot of you probably have some form of google in your favorites (or ‘bookmarks’ for those of you still stuck in MS).

i did a google search for jeep today with mixed results.

here are the highlights:

 this poetry

lego jeep!

a liberty driver who lures girls.  pfff, liberty drivers.  it figures.

the diesel grand cherokee is pretty awesome.  even by autobloggreen standards.  (sorry, no link.  i used to subscribe to them, but they will FLOOD your feeder with waaaaay too many posts!)

ok, that’s about it for now.  this was a really productive time at work.  i shoulda just skipped and went to see dave and megan in WI this weekend with kevin.


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