the great chrome swapout

finally… we’re rid of the gaudy plastic pieces with chrome plating.

it made the jeep feel like eating old fries. you know, when your mouth gets that coated feeling? gross.

here’s some before and after…



wordpress is being a turd right now and won’t let me upload my other picture for after so maybe i’ll come back and upload that again later.  it doesn’t show the image after it’s been uploaded.  just a blue box.  and when i try to send the blue box to the editor, things get REALLY funky.

this happened last night so i just waited until today and everything is hunky dory.  is wordpress’ server where these images are hosted just really slow lately or what?

note:  by the time i got done complaining about wordpress, it updated the image.


but my cursor is gone.



  1. Megan Said:

    When I do pictures…I don’t ever use the wordpress uploader…I copy the location from my Flickr account and insert the url…it seems to work best. When I want thumbnail size I copy the image location on flickr that is a thumbnail (like when you’re viewing all my photos at once).

    I dont know if it’s a good system or not – i just got tired of resizing pics, etc. and uploading to wordpress…since i already have them on flickr, it’s easy to do it that way.

    but hands down, wordpress still beat blogger.

  2. Becky Said:

    I have the same frustrations with wordpress, I feel like I’m not doing something right. Wish I knew how to fix it too.

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