excuses, excuses

this blog has been empty for like two weeks now.

here’s why:

capella university

this week in astronomy has me writing 2 papers, taking one quiz, doing one 3-chapter review assignment, plus 2 regular class discussions (it’s all online, so class discussions are a big deal).

this week in project management has me making a WBS (work breakdown schedule) in visio (who has visio at home???  i’m lucky enough to have a windows machine that still runs in this house), writing a risk management plan, using ms project to do the chapter 4 exercise, plus 1 class discussion.

that doesn’t really account for the previous week where i didn’t post anything…  so i won’t try to make excuses for that week.

also, i sort of became obsessed with checking my blog stats.  it wasn’t neccesarily because i really wanted this blog to be “successful,” it was mainly out of boredom at work.  but still, anyone who checks blog stats multiple times a day needs to back off.  it was becoming more than just entertainment.

so, i’m sorry for bailing on anyone who was part of my best day ever (120 something hits.  but only because i used “sex” as a keyword) or anyone else who’s still around.

there might be another off-road adventure in indiana in the next couple weeks.  or maybe a roadtrip with my new awesome wifey sarah to WI to hang out with megan and keep the bad guys away while dave is rockin’ the world in africa.

which brings up a good point…  why are you reading a stupid blog about jeeps?   shouldn’t you be saving darfur or feeding the poor or cleaning a little kids’ wounds?

get off the computer and do something.

or stay on and donate.


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  1. Megan Said:

    my excuse for not blogging?

    I opened up a vintage store and it’s taken over my life. Really, I should be busy doing homework and not have time to post…but instead I get busy on Etsy and don’t even do homework! It’s crazy!

    But now that David’s gone i’ll probably blog more 🙂 Like now, I should be in bed but don’t like sleeping alone *tear* so I just stay up late until I’m so tired I have to fall asleep…lol…I sound so pathetic! ha!

    Anyway – if you wanted to come that’d be fun 🙂 But I know I’m really pathetic…and you don’t have to come save me…tho I wouldn’t complain…but if you’re too busy don’t sweat it!

    Anyway…enough ramblings…I should go to bed.

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