jeep wish list

i ran across this post from a jeep blog i read.

it links to an allthingsjeep site showing an ideal jeep christmas wish list.

it sounds like a good idea.  …if you REALLY love capitalism and being a consumer.

and indeed, this site would be helpful just to print off and hand to my mom or g’ma.  but that would require using paper on top of adding to someone else’s wallet.

while i don’t mind spending money on gifts at all, this year i’m trying something different.

nobody’s getting a new gift from me.

that’s not to say you’re getting my old flannel i don’t want anymore (think the christmas episode of the offce last year.  “YAAAAAAANKEE SWAP!”).  it is, however, to say that if you get a gift from me, it’ll be sweet vintage from a second hand store or homemade.

i’m even going to try to stay away from e-bay because that just plain feels like cheating.

this should go along nicely with buy nothing day.   it’s the same buy different.

happy thanksgiving everyone!



  1. Megan Said:

    That’s cool…we’ve been doing similar. But we’ve also been getting a lot of gifts for people that are from Africa (Saharawi people, where David went) and the money goes to support them.

    Also check out WorldVision has a gift catalog (ie you pay $30 and buy a goat for a village, then you email or print a gift certificate to give the receipient that says they donated a goat in their name)

    Also don’t knock Etsy – if you absolutely can’t find something used, try something Handmade (and vintage, like my shop!) – you’re not ‘supporting’ commercialism, you’re supporting the little guy.

    Also- have you head about WWJB?? The movie?? it’s by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me guy) – Relevant Podcast interviewed him about it, I’m really excited to see it.

  2. […] perhaps take a hint from Eric and consider buying only thrifted/second-hand/vintage items this holiday season – encourage […]

  3. […] i can’t say what it is because it’s a christmas gift for my brother.  and i can’t really give any hints as to what it is because he might figure it out.  or find it and know it’s for him.  but we found it at a local goodwill and it goes along perfectly with my anti-consumer christmas. […]

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