my reasons for wanting jeep to produce a truck and why sarah and i need a truck pt. 1

this year’s award for longest title to a blog post runner up, right here.

i’ve said before that sarah has taught me to use lists. so i’ll list some reasons first why sarah and i need a truck:

1. we bought a house – i can’t tell you how many times we’ve been to lowe’s, but i do know the most times i’ve been there in a day is 3. and each time that day required a truck, and many more times have required a truck also.

2. christmas – i saw sarah’s parents shove a freshly cut spruce into a 2008 toyota matrix. what’s better than that new car smell? splintery spruce sap, i guess.

3. IKEA – it’s only a couple hours away, and everything comes unassembled, but it’s ridiculously expensive to have shipped to your door. and the chapmans needed a bed (thanks to the coleman company for keeping us bedded for the past few months since our wedding.) but this past weekend was crazy…

let me just insert a small story about the weekend into reason #3; friday, day off work. driving to indianapolis to see rob bell on his the gods aren’t angry tour with sarah and a friend. meeting another friend there.

suddenly we decide to see if we can give becky (the other friend we met there) a ride home to chicago so we can selfishly go to IKEA and finally get a bed. (ours deflated the other night. sarah blames the dogs, i blame a faulty seal. coincidentally, sarah was the last one to seal the bed’s air valve. but i was the one to jump on the bed, so we’ll just take co-blame on this one.) this is getting off track… since we needed to take the truck to bring the bed back from IKEA, we had to make the one friend drive by himself to indy because there wouldn’t be any room to give him and becky a ride home in a little truck. an extended cab truck would have solved this problem but probably not an SUV.

4. camping – sarah and i went camping this september and if we hadn’t taken the back seat out of the jeep, i don’t think our equipment would have all fit in the wrangler.

5. dogs – we have a husky. they aren’t named that because they’re small. our dog’s cage will not fit in any of our other vehicles, including my brother’s VW hatchback.

6. tradition – i’ve just always had a truck. since high school i was the guy with a truck. i’ve had to help a lot of people move in that short amount of time (at least 2 per year since i was 16), but where else will i find my sense of usefulness?
ok, those were my reasons for wanting a truck. part 2 will be why jeep needs to make a truck.



  1. Megan Said:

    Did you literally jump on the bed and it started loosing all the air and deflated with your laying on the floor?? If so – that’s hilarious.

  2. eric Said:

    no, it didn’t deflate as i jumped on it.
    it actually deflated slowly over time, which was equally as hilarious.
    one night we went to bed, the next morning we woke up sucked into the middle of an airbed.
    it was like quicksand!

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