boring communication

every year at work, we have “required learning.”  the only part of this phrase that is true is the “required” part.

it’s the same material ever year.  it’s probably good to review, but yearly?  come on.  i knew last year how not to sexually harass someone, and i haven’t been arrested this year for insider trading.  should this really be required?

there is one topic that i am sort of glad is required learning, however.  there are two classes on communication that are required.

i was happy about this, until i came across this particular question…

you can see the question, my answer, and what the “correct” answer is.

this is supposed to reflect our goals company wide.

i’ll just leave this one up to the comments section.  i’ve got thoughts on this.  many thoughts, but i want to hear other perspectives first.

one comment to spark the conversation (hopefully)…

this isn’t a jeep post perse, but it does relate to blogging and what i try to do here.  as a blogger, should you have a goal of communicating conservatively and sometimes even in a boring manner?



  1. Jamin Said:

    I’d say that you do a pretty effective job of communicating boringly with your blog.

  2. Dave Said:

    Ha! This made me laugh. Seems like it would be in a Dilbert cartoon or something…I can’t believe this really exists.

    My “nerdy communications guru” response would be that that whole premise of the question is off. Instead of reading “Effective communication needs to be…” it should simply say “Commuication needs to be” and the correct option would be “effective.”

    What this really says to me is that Cat desires to develop a brand that is boring. I suppose if you’re writing a training manual for a piece of machinery it doesn’t need to be “compelling and thought-provoking.” But the danger is communicating to Cat employees that they don’t need to go the extra-mile for customers…just be boring. That way no one will say anything bad about Cat. But they probably won’t say anything good either. And when no one is saying anything about your company then no one is interested in becoming a customer either.

    You should send this to Seth Godin…he’d probably have something brilliant to say.

  3. becky Said:

    Boring people work at boring companies. So why haven’t they fired you yet?

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