best second hand purchase in history

ok, so maybe our jeep was the best second hand purchase i’ve ever made, but this weekend i made the second best second hand purchase in my short time here on planet earth.

i can’t say what it is because it’s a christmas gift for my brother. and i can’t really give any hints as to what it is because he might figure it out. or find it and know it’s for him. but we found it at a local goodwill and it goes along perfectly with my anti-consumer christmas.

i’ll have to reveal it on december 25th, but does anyone care to venture a guess?

remember… this blog at least attempts to have a “theme.”



  1. becky Said:

    Uhm. You bought a sidecar for the harley? Not that you would ever find anything that cool at goodwill, but hey, a decent guess and, brilliant idea if i do say so myself.

  2. Megan Said:

    a remote control jeep?

    or an old Jeep Tire? And he can make a tire swing?

    Lol – no idea.

  3. Eli Said:

    Goodwill sells Jeeps?!

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