spare me the details

ahhhh…  i just finished my final paper for astronomy which marks my final bit of school work for the year.

the song that’s playing in itunes is “spare me the details” by the offspring.  this band offers pretty much nothing in the way of life-improving lyrics, and their music is pretty basic.  but it’s entertaining and catchy.  i like this song.

but i probably shouldn’t.

who cares?

with school out of the way, here’s what i’m looking forward to with the jeep:

1.  changing the oil – can’t believe i didn’t do this after splashing around in the muddy water of the badlands!!!  i’m a neglectful jeep owner!  (sarah, are the dogs alive?  i’m surprised i haven’t killed one of them off yet!)

2.  road trip to bradley and then naperville and then bolingbrook and finally back to peoria – this is sarah’s dad’s side christmas get together.  tomorrow after work (and a quick oil change), we’ll drive to her sister’s apartment in bradley, il (it’s close to burbonais where the bears practice and where emily is finishing her final semester at olivet this month!).  we’re staying there friday night because saturday, we have to be in naperville at sarah’s uncle’s house for brunch.  brunch is way to early to be able to drive from peoria and catch on time, so we’re bumming at the jordan’s pad for a night.  the bolingbrook stop is to hit up ikea again just for kicks.  this will be the jeep’s first chicagoland trip since we’ve owned it.

3.  road trip to streator – the weekend after the in-law christmas, we’re going to my dad’s side’s christmas party in streator.  my grandparents used to be the caretakers of the streator baptist camp so we’re staying overnight at the camp.  my brother colton will have his forerunner there so hopefully we can sneak away and play in the creek or woods or mud or something fun that would require the 4WD lever to be pulled!

4.  christmas gifts – i’m a gift guy.  sarah’s had to rehide gifts twice now because if keep finding out where she puts them.  it’s not selfish, i love gifts.  sarah says it’s my love language.  i’m expecting some jeep stuff.  w00t!

5.  one year anniversary – new year’s eve eve will be one year exactly since we bought our wrangler.

here’s what the poor thing looked like before a chapman got his hands on it:


and today:


much less chrome.  much more black and blue.

and now, off to bed with the wifey.  ahhh…  no more late nights on the computer doing homework.  i don’t know if i remember what it’s like to go to bed at the same time.




  1. Megan Said:

    woohoo! done with one semester!

    I just finished too….but now i am anxiously awaiting grades, there’s one glass I’m not sure if I’ll pass *crosses fingers* and if I don’t pass geology (who really cares about rocks anyway??) then I won’t graduate until Dec instead of August!

    But *yeah* for being done…have fun with your wife 🙂

  2. […] christmas, dwight, il, jeep, kankakee, naperville, pro comp mud terrain, wrangler } remember this post where i laid out plans for a road trip for christmas with the in-laws in […]

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