a record of actual events

remember this post where i laid out plans for a road trip for christmas with the in-laws in naperville?

well, christmas went off without a hitch.  in fact, i have a new best friend.  sarah’s cousin’s daughter, 3-year-old carly, told her parents that “eric is her new best friend.”

we have a handshake.

and it even snowed while we were there.

and snowed and snowed and snowed.

but who cares?  cuz we have a jeep.

the jeep did fine in the snow.  it didn’t start to get bad until we had to swing by dwight, il (sarah and i have both had bad luck there on separate occasions; the details i will not disclose here.  but if you know what our “quota” is, i can say we each fulfilled a quota in dwight, il almost a year apart.)

long story short…  we had my sister-in-law’s/brother-in-law’s keys.  once they arrived home in bradley, il they could not enter.  the keys were with eric and sarah traveling south on I55 now.

that’s where dwight comes in.  we swing by there headed east for kankakee to meet at dwight and hand off the keys since that would be on our way home and it would take kevin and emily about the same amount of time to get to dwight as it would have taken us (parties are traveling from opposite directions).

actually…  it WOULD have been the best spot to meet up.  but we found out by the time we got to dwight, kevin and emily had just left the kankakee area.  so we kept driving.

this is where the jeep got awesome.

i was stuck behind a string of cars doing 30 MPH down IL-route 17 when we were passed by a tig ‘ol bruck (read “big ‘ol truck”) with loud exhaust and sweet tires.  so i decided to try it.  sarah read the owner’s manual to me so i was sure i wasn’t engaging 4-wheel-drive at the wrong speed, popped my favorite new lever up one notch to read “4HI” and away we went.

snow-packed country roads have nothing on our pro comp mud terrains.

we ended up meeting kevin and emily at a random little church (the kind with their own cemetery next door) on the road and gave them their keys.

a two hour drive back home to peoria ended up taking more like two and a half or three because of the multiple inches of snow dumped on us, but we made it.  i even go to pass people on the interstate.  every once in a while we’d come along a string of cars doing 30 MPH, i’d pop the lever into 4HI again and get in the yet-to-be-plowed left lane and pass ’em all.

moral of the story:  always keep your keys as close to you as a tattoo, and drive a jeep.


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