into the wild

i just finished this book.


by jon krakauer.

sarah and i saw the movie a month or two ago and i loved it.  i remember wanting to see a movie that night but not knowing what movie to go see.  we almost went to a different one.

now, i’m sure that movie would have paled in comparison to this one.  …if i could remember what movie we almost saw instead.

as always, the book was better than the movie.  a lot of things were faked in the movie or hollywoodized.   it really romanticized chris mccandless and his ideological ways, but nonetheless, inspired me to read the book (no small feat).

since seeing the movie, sarah has bought me the soundtrack and gave me the book as an early christmas gift.  by all rights, i should hate the soundtrack having never even listened to it.

a life-long pearl jam anti-fan, and self-proclaimed “goat voice hater,” i’ve grown fond of into the wild’s score.  it captures the haunting scenes you get lodged in your brain after seeing, on the big screen, what mccandless went through.

i can’t recommend this book or movie or soundtrack enough.  if you’re at all interested in the outdoors (which most jeep enthusiasts are), this book is a must-read.

but read at least part of it by a fire or at least candlelight to get the full effect.



  1. shea Said:

    How can you hate Pearl Jam?
    I haven’t seen the movie yet, or read the book, but recently heard the soundtrack and this is the best soundtrack. This music is great and reminds of Eddie, who had the passion and soul of the early 1990’s, my lost youth. I completely agree that for myself also, that I could not recommend it enough, I can’t explain it except that it is Beautiful.

  2. shea Said:

    Forgot, I have an old Cherokee. It was a lot of fun up in the interior.
    I have to read and see this movie. Alaska is awesome. I almost wish I hadn’t left her and returned.

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