uber compliment

a friend gave me the jeepest compliment of all this weekend.

it was probably because of my parking job.  or the entrance before the parking job…

at any rate, apparently he was listening to npr recently (side note, click here for a funny tangent and interesting lost nerdiness and a quip about people who listen to NPR.  no offense to people who talk about NPR.  i like it, too sometimes.) and heard click and clack’s famous talk show, car talk.

to make a long story short, a lady has having trouble with her convertible top.  so a jeep guy calls in and says that this is what jeepers live for.  there’s something wrong, so that means it’s time to diagnose it and then figure out a way to fix it.

it made me think…  who else carries spare parts in their car?  does anyone out there have more than just jumper cables and a candle in their trunk?  don’t you also have recovery straps and bungee cords and tools and spare rope and duct tape?

what happens when your windshield wiper suddenly gets the rubber stripped off?  my answer…  get the one out from behind the back seat, of course!

i don’t think this is normal for regular car owners…  am i right in assuming this?

also, if something breaks, or wears out or just plain needs replaced, this is when we have the perfect excuse to put one of the world’s largest aftermarket communities to work and do the “u” word.


“honey, we need new tires.  …and it’s already going to be $600 for 4 new tires, so why not spend $50 more and get BIGGER tires!?!?”

so, in the case of the leaky roof…

“honey, our soft top is leaking.  and it’s already $600 for a new soft top.  why not spend $20 more and get the soft top with the tinted windows?  and while we’re at it, we might as well  spend another $100 for the sunrider soft top with the flip back sun roof feature.”

this is why sometimes i don’t get homework done.  i’m either busy installing new stuff, or convincing sarah to use grocery money on jeep stuff.

eh…  eating is as much fun as jeeping.

and almost as necessary.


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