winter blues

i hate talking about the weather.  i do it all day long (i get to talk to people in hawaii and alaska on a daily basis and it seems everyone from either california or florida loves to boast of their numerically large temperatures).

but as much as i hate to talk about it, i love to complain about it (it’s what bloggers do best).

i’m seriously aching for warmer days and more sunlight.  i’m finally on a shift where the sun is still up when i get off work (7:30 AM-4:00 PM), but it’s not enough, dang it!  i need some rays, man!

plus, it’s just not easy to go wheeling in the winter.  i hate working on cars in cold weather and if i broke something on the trail and had to fix it in the dirt/snow, i’d hate my life and just complain more.

plus, it’s going to be below freezing most of this weekend and our geothermal unit is on the fritz.  thankfully an old friend from church back in my sunday school days is a heating/cooling business owner, but we thought we had it fixed tonight and the space heater warming my feet right now is proof we didn’t fix anything.

enough complaining.  i’m going to start looking forward to springtime.  …and easter.


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  1. Becky Said:

    ugh, yes i agree, winter totally sucks right now. it’s 11 degrees outside but feels like -5. and i’m thankful to be warm, but i hope the homeless people are smart/humble enough to seek shelter.

    me miss summer tooooooooooooooo.

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