SVO/WVO (that stands for straight/waste vegetable oil)

i was watching xtreme 4×4 today instead of doing homework and they were building up a suzuki samurai, getting it ready for the trail.

ian and jesse installed a greasecar vegetable oil kit on this zuk.  if you’ve never heard of greasecar, check out their website’s faq section.

two cool things pop out at me…

a) there’s a classified bar to the right that sells vehicles with the kits already installed and it’s the OWNERS (not greasecar) who is selling these vehicle.

2) there’s a second side bar showcasing owners’ rides.

…like this ’88 yj

i’ve got a spare gas engine laying around.  but i’m seriously considering selling it after seeing this to buy a spare diesel.  it’s an ingenus idea that dramatically reduces the amount of fossil fuel oil burnt.  the sammy that was built on xtreme only had a 3 gallon fuel tank!  (the vegetable oil tank was much larger.)

kudos, greasecar!


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