switching gears

i’ve decided this blog has become more about me and less about my passion for jeeps.

i’ve got two passions in life other than my rockin’ hot wife and family.

they are, in no particular order:

a) off-roading and the jeep community

2) marketing and communications in the church, specifically web design and graphic design.

so instead of closing one blog on one passion to start another, i’m doing both.

right now, mediumgreen.wordpress.com is under construction, so check back soon and (hopefully) it will be updated.

since i mentioned that this jeep blog was more about jeeping than myself, i should also mention the other blog will have a lot more personal stuff on it.

i found after starting this blog that i can’t talk about something i’m passionate about and not get personal.  so expect more of chapman on the new blog.

you’ve been warned!



  1. Soner Said:

    Cool, what kind of designs do you create ? Maybe you should make a portfolio.

  2. Robert G. Said:

    A clean layout that uses a lot of white space enhances a site’s looks. Try to keep the focus on your content.

  3. erichapman Said:

    thanks for the comments, guys.

    i want to create designs for non-profits. i’d love to do that for a living. but for now, i’d take anything that gets me experience.

    a portfolio is in the works. i can’t wait until it’s up to my standards…

    and thanks for the advice, robert g. i’ll take any help i can get!

    i’m a n00b!

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